Charles is a no-nonsense attorney who gives straight answers to questions. The first two times I consulted with him, he explained to me why I should not hire an attorney and gave me clear instructions on how to handle my situation. The one time I did hire him, he didn’t waste any time in getting the result I was looking for – I will absolutely use him again because he didn’t engage in any of the stuff I’d gotten used to when hiring counsel as a small business owner.



I worked with James, and he was fantastic. I was facing a very serious charge and he kept me informed every step of the way. My charges were ultimately dismissed. I hope that I never need a criminal defense lawyer again, but I would absolutely recommend James.”



Charlie has been my lawyer for years. He doesn’t engage in the usual BS from most lawyers and gives it to me straight. My fees are lower and my outcomes are better than ever before. If you own a business, Charlie is your guy.


Hire Andrew Strecker


Andrew is the best Attorney that I have ever used. Do not waste your time or money with any other Attorney. He helped my friend get charges dismissed and in the process, helped me to get my money back from a nasty merchant. Andrew is dedicated to his clients, very knowledgeable, always responds promptly, answers your questions in a straightforward manner, gives you sound advice and will work tirelessly on your behalf. His fees are very reasonable and you will thank yourself for hiring him.




Andrew saved me from myself. I am so happy that I retained him. After a lot of work, my criminal charge was eventually dismissed. I would absolutely recommend him.


Andrew Strecker is the BEST


Andrew is the BEST ATTORNEY. I was facing a serious charge and he saved me from doing along time.I recommend him to everyone. He fought for me and He never gave up! He brought me home to my mom,and nieces and nephew! Your the best ANDREW!

-Alexandria Harris

Hire Andrew Strecker!!


I was facing a criminal charge and Andrew was an absolute godsend! He dealt with my panicked calls throughout the process and my charge was ultimately dismissed. He is outstanding!


There when needed

Andrew Strecker is one of the nicest, most down to earth lawyers I have ever met. He is extremely intelligent. without seeming condescending or rude. He listened to my case and what had happened, without passing judgment or looking down on me. He charged me a reasonable fee and handled my case with care and concern.His trial demeanor was remarkable, and that is where I could truly tell he is a master at his craft. From jury selection to him prepping me for my testimony, he anticipated what was coming and made sure we were ready. I don’t think there are enough ways to recommend Mr. Strecker. Good people who are honest and great at their job are hard to come by.


Thank you!!


I was arrested for a serious drug offense. Hiring a lawyer was seriously almost as bad as being arrested – i got so much misinformation and they all just seemed to be trying to scare the crap out of me. Andrew answered all my questions in plain language and followed through on what he said he was going to do.


Outstanding lawyer!


I was referred to Andrew by a friend for a minor traffic incident. He was extremely helpful and he seems to know everyone in the legal field in palm beach county. I would definitely recommend him.


Better call Strecker!


Andrew was the most down to earth attorney I have ever talked to. He explained everything that was going on in terms I could understand, and he worked his ass off to get me out of a heap of trouble. If you’re in trouble, call him.


Excellent service and results


I was charged with a felony – Andrew kept me informed about what was going on with my case. The prosecutor never offered me anything reasonable even though we tried to work out a deal. My case went to trial and I was found Not Guilty!




Andrew saved me from a horrible situation. I came to him facing a serious charge and he was wonderful throughout the process – he explained everything to me and each step of the way. I’m incredibly grateful and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone facing a criminal charge.


Great attorney with very fair fee structure.


I did speak with Andrew on the phone and he was wonderful. He was informative, honest and had much knowledge on my subject manner. I also felt his fee structure was very fair and much more to the clients advantage than your average attorney. I did not officially hire Andrew but it had nothing to do with him and was strictly a geographical decision. If in the future If am in need of expertise in his area I would certainly consider hiring him and recommend him to anyone in the Palm Beach area in need of a DUI or criminal attorney.


Professional. Efficient. Reliable.


I’ve used Fountain and Strecker for all my law needs for the past few years. They have taken care of every issue with extraordinary results. I’ve had most cases dropped altogether or have gotten a lesser charge and the minimum requirements. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with any legal issues. Period.


Great attorney


I have been in trouble with the law pretty much my entire adult life. I have used three different attorneys. Andrew Strecker has been the best, hands down. He is very smart and understands every phase of the law. He does a great job of keeping his clients informed as to the status of their case. I would recommend him to anyone in need of an experienced, attentive and loyal attorney.