Proven counselors at law — We’re determined to help you deal with the stress of the legal process so you can make well-informed, decisions about your case. We offer straightforward advice based on an accurate assessment of the risks to you, given the specific facts of your case. We are firm believers in client centered representation, and we believe in putting the needs of our clients first.  Most importantly, we listen.

Proven negotiators — At Strecker Legal, we have a strong track record of brokering agreements which serve the needs of our clients.  Our attorneys have experience practicing working with the State Attorneys Office, Judges, and Opposing counsel from the other top firms in the area.

Proven litigators — When negotiation fails, there are times when justice and the needs of our clients can only be served by going to trial. The attorneys at Strecker Legal have enjoyed tremendous trial success in multiple high-profile cases in which the odds were stacked against us. These impressive victories have contributed to Strecker Legal’s reputation as a firm of aggressive and skilled trial lawyers.