Not Guilty Verdict for Belle Glade Woman charged with Perjury in a Capital Proceeding

We were proud to represent Shantoria Thompson and she was gracious enough to give us permission to share her story. Shantoria was an eyewitness to a homicide in 2011. Law enforcement mistakenly revealed her identity to the perpetrators of the homicide, and she was forced to flee the State with her infant son. The only assistance or protection she received was a bus ticket out of town. She lived in fear for over 2 years with no contact from law enforcement or the State Attorney’s Office. They finally contacted her in 2013 and demanded that she appear for deposition. When Shantoria did not want to testify, she was told she would be arrested. When Shantoria refused to cooperate with law enforcement, she was charged with Perjury in a Capital Proceeding, a second degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. She was offered a plea bargain for 3 years in prison and a felony conviction. She asked for a jury trial. After nearly 40 court dates, thousands of dollars in taxpayer money, and one mistrial, Shantoria was found Not Guilty by a Palm Beach County Jury this afternoon. Jury service is so important and functions as the only check on the nearly limitless power of the government.  At Strecker Legal, we are willing and able to take the most difficult cases to Trial.